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Catch it in the river, bring it home and eat it. Well, just be strong, keep doing it. Some have had 4 miscarriages, some have 3.

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We look at this sometimes at the end, me and Naomi just sit and stare at it before we leave. So all the signs are there. We have brush wolves, rabbits. I used to be down here all the time with the dogs. Just sit there and let the dogs play. She was in labor for 14 hours. I finally took her to the veterinarian here in Sarnia and they induced her, she had three puppies the first time and all three of them died, they had breathing problems.

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They died after we brought her home. I've had the puppies since October and this is April. So they've been in here about six months. I'm sorry, they've been frozen. Someone was supposed to come along and pick them up and take them in to have them analyzed. This is a normal size puppy, when they look normal.

But it had breathing problems, they gave it oxygen at the vet's office 3 or 4 times, she died at home here. You can't tell but the ears were pointed like little horns. This puppy she had at home. There's no muzzle, no eyes, no fur, no ears. You can't see very well but both the little feet in the back are like flippers. And like I said, I'm waiting for someone from possibly Guelph University to come and pick up the puppies and take them in to have them analyzed to see what kind of chemicals caused this.

My grandson burst out crying when he saw.

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And like I said, how are our grandchildren going to be from him playing in the water? Terrible, it's terrible. I don't know how much longer we're going to have to put up with this before they tell us what's going on. And all these plants have the ability to separate from the river. And by doing that they would take away the fear that people are concerned about their water quality.

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The chemicals that were made were chlorinated organics. And those were solvents, so you would use those chemicals in the dry cleaning industry or as degreasers in a mechanical plant, very common chemicals in the industry. And the remainder of the sediment was contaminated with mercury. Now we never made mercury on the site, mercury was used on the site, much as you would use steel in your pipes. But mercury had been released as part of the process and had become bound up in the sediment.

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Now, what that does is it provides a food for bugs, for bacteria, just like you would in a sewage treatment plant. This is called a biocell and it uses bioremediation to manage chemicals. Clair River remedial action plan needs to do now, there's some minor things that we still want to be doing like more habitat for ducks, some things need to be done with the municipal treatment plant, we still need to have a long history of having no spills, but this is a very clean river.

And whenever we use it as an adjective, in a layman point of view, it connotes a lot of emotion. And for me, the problem is it labels something immediately without really understanding it. It creates fear, it creates emotion, it creates negativity, and it doesn't really tell the story. It prevents people from really understanding the story.

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And personally, I've seen it cause a lot of stress, people thinking there was a concern when there really wasn't. Is that an inter-provincial thing, that sign? Oh, it says Dow. Private property, no trespassing. Sarnia Lambton Environmental Association, oh I should write that down, now we can call them up and ask them for some results. The idea of industries getting together and pooling their resources to better understand their environment is pretty unique to this area. I have to keep going.

You're giving hope to a lot of people that aren't sitting in this room tonight because of what you're doing. We have the highest rate of pollution related deaths in Ontario, in this community.

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What we don't know is why. You always look for the reasons why these things are going on, could it be something in the lifestyle, or is it to do with genetics, or is it something in the environment? Is there an estimate, is it going to be a year, 10 years? How we go about doing that, boy I don't really know. If there's other communities out there in North America that have faced some of what we've faced, I'd definitely like to get together with some of them to see how they've addressed some of the concerns that we have here as well.

But there's also another thing that we need to do, go out to the community of Sarnia, look for those workers that worked in those refineries, ask them how do they live now to this day? We need to talk with them, make a coalition with them to be able to stand up with us. To show that the industries cannot do this to us anymore. And I think each of them said they have at least five other friends that have the same thing.

Like I said, Aamjiwnaang is where the spirit of the water lives. How do we talk about that water when it's dead? It's not animate then, it's just dead and can we even imagine water dead? See then that you walk circumspectly, not as fools but as wise, redeeming the time because the days are evil. And at this point we don't know the outcome physically, but we are guaranteed in our hearts of the final destiny. Lord, we lift sister Mary before you, we thank you for what you've done for her, we thank you that she has established through her experience that God is a healer, that God steps into the lives of those who are desperately ill, that are beyond the capabilities of medical science, Lord, and Father we pray for a special grace of healing upon sister Mary today.

Thank you Lord, there's a resurrection day coming in which the body itself will be transformed and will be fashioned into a form like unto his glorious body. We also have a manifest from Suncor.

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Don't even know what the spill or the cause is. So I went back to her bedroom, and I started pounding on her window, she still wasn't getting up. I have nightmares I have to go onto a part of the reserve to pull dead people out. And my daughter was panicking because she was about 7 or 8 at the time.