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White Rock, British Columbia. By using a problem-solving approach to deal with offences that are motivated by drug addiction, the Court helps to break the cycle of drug dependency and criminal activity, and improves the chances of rehabilitation for offenders. James P. Ucluelet, British Columbia. Oyster farmer James Martin wanted everyone to witness first-hand the splendour of the juncture between the rainforest and ocean he experienced every day.

Leading a team of volunteers, he developed the Wild Pacific Trail, a kilometre stretch of land open to all visitors. His efforts have since transformed the local economy, drawing thousands of nature lovers to the area each year. John Alexander McNee , M. His leadership in operational excellence and financial sustainability has turned the Centre into a hub for research and education that foster the exchange of ideas underpinning the values of a pluralistic society.

Jackie Milne , M. Hay River, Northwest Territories. Valerie Nelson , M. Edmonton, Alberta. Valerie Nelson founded Familias Saludables, a non-profit organization in Honduras. Thanks to her efforts, the incidence of mother-to-child transmission of HIV has decreased on the island. Sherman Olson , M. Sherman Olson envisioned the Trans Canada Trail as a symbol of a unified Canada, one that stretched across the land from sea to sea to sea.

A founding member and president of the Trans Canada Trail Foundation from to , he motivated thousands of volunteers by harnessing their energy to keep the project moving forward. Today, the Trail stands 90 per cent complete, thanks in no small part to his passion and enthusiasm.

Nancy Olson-Beaulieu. Michael Ruta , M.

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Winnipeg, Manitoba. In , Michael Ruta established the Winnipeg Minor Basketball Association, a structured league for Winnipeg youth living in both urban and rural areas. Today, the league is a fixture of civic life that provides thousands of young athletes with an opportunity to participate in this sport and to lead healthy, active lives.

Judy Servay , M.

For more than 10 years, Ms. Kenneth Setterington , M. Toronto, Ontario. A storyteller with a lifelong passion for the written word, Kenneth Setterington has been the driving force behind the TD Summer Reading Club that started in Toronto and has spread across the country. This popular program has encouraged countless children to keep reading over the summer holidays, thereby retaining and improving their reading skills. William Shurniak , S. Limerick, Saskatchewan.

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William Shurniak created the Shurniak Art Gallery so that he could share his world-class art collection with others in his community. Since opening its doors, the gallery has drawn tourists from around the globe and inspired a multitude of regional and national artists by giving them an opportunity to showcase their creations. Les Voakes , M. Almonte, Ontario. In addition to fostering self-esteem among young people, these centres give them the opportunity to gain the tools they need to grow into responsible adults capable of reaching their full potential.

Constable Kimberly Anne Ashford, M.

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Retired Vancouver, British Columbia. Their successful covert operation led to the capture of seven traffickers and the seizure of kilograms of heroin destined for Canadian markets. Equally impressive, these members undertook their work during a political coup and in a hostile environment at great peril to themselves. Meritorious Service Decorations recognize individuals who have performed an exceptional deed or activity over a limited period of time that has brought honour to their community or to Canada. Any Canadian or non-Canadian whose accomplishments or activities over a limited period of time have demonstrated an outstanding level of service or set an exemplary standard of achievement and have brought honour or benefit to Canada can be recognized.

Nominations and awards may be made posthumously, but nominations for activities that occurred prior to June , the year in which the honour was first created, are not accepted. Members of the public are invited to submit nominations throughout the year at www. Nominations will be received by the Chancellery of Honours and reviewed by the MSD Civil Division Advisory Committee, which will then make recommendations to the governor general.

All nominations are kept confidential to respect privacy and to avoid disappointment if the nominee is not selected. Nominators and others involved in the process are asked to respect this policy. The cross was originally created in , for members of the military. In , a medal was added to the military division, and both the cross and medal were introduced for civilians. Skip to main content. This content is archived.

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Mont-Royal, Que. Ottawa, Ont. Mindemoya, Ont. Christopher Graham Mowbray , M. Edmonton, Alta. Kingston, Ont. Westmount, Que. Calgary, Alta. Marilyn Yvonne Kish , M. Michael Charles Ward , M. This post was translated to French and can be viewed here. She steers communities to enrich their GIS offering with the Community Map of Canada to better serve their constituents and stakeholders. She prefers using an energized approach to challenges, exploring solutions with a curious disposition rather than simply applying routine processes. Alia has been in the GIS industry for more than 10 years.

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Is your organization looking to use GIS to make better decisions? Want to build a business case for implementing an SDI? Start with this blog post, which lists some of the benefits, costs and applications of SDI. Fine mapping of watercourses is crucial. National collaboration of Canadian news outlets, colleges and universities produces coordinated pandemic reporting enabled by ArcGIS Hub.

Get an overview of how the Agriculture and Agri-foods taskforce is using GIS to gain a spatial perspective on the shifting demand for food products. Here are six ways these strategies commonly develop among customers. In this blog post, learn how geospatial technology makes access to spatial data cheaper, and how organizations can benefit. August 24, Alia Kotb. Is this a place or activity you would suggest for families with kids?

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